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Masonry Work

At Neptune Construction, we specialize in high quality masonry work that strengthens residential structures made of brick, stone, concrete and block. We provide full-scale coverage from bricklaying and stone veneer to patio construction, inspection and maintenance. With 25 years as an NYC masonry expert, we have a team that’s 100% more reliable and 3X faster with construction contracts.

Masonry and Brickwork in the BRONX Area

Masonry gives the timeless aesthetic appeal to residential properties and prolong the lifespan of the brick structures. More importantly:

  • different masonry types like patio work prevent damages of heavy loads.
  • exterior masonry makes the residential properties more energy-efficient.
  • chimney-side masonry work makes home building non-combustible and fire resistant.
  • masonry work is highly durable and low maintenance in terms of inspections and repairs.

Why Hire a Licensed Masonry Work Contractor?

Reputable masonry contractors practicing in New York City are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Certified
  • Insured

Benefits of Masonry Services in NYC for Structurally Sound Homes

Sidewalks & Stone Pathways

Durable sidewalks provide safe and attractive walking spaces like patios and improve the load bearing and outdoor aesthetics.

Brick Work and Stone Pavers

These stone pavers and brick works are ideal for driveways and walkways, plus cost-effective and low-maintenance.


Safe construction and regular maintenance of chimneys keeps homes safe from smoke infiltration and structural damage.


Using high quality bricks, we also build fire-resistant walls and facades.

Stone veneer installation

With a classic decorative touch, stone veneers give a luxurious look without adding weight or increasing cost.

Concrete block work

Retaining walls and foundations made of masonry are strong and durable and highly protective of pests.

Why hire Neptune Construction Inc. for Masonry Work

When you trust Neptune Construction Inc. with your masonry work, we give you solid reasons to be proud of your choice:

  • We are always on-time and committed to deadlines.
  • We estimate masonry work costs before starting work and never come up with hidden fees.
  • We have combined the ingenuity of skilled team with high quality material for top-tier masonry work.
  • We provide full-cycle coverage as expert masonry contractor in NYC – we arrange material, we manage work and we maintain!

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How long does typical masonry work take?

Typically, the team at Neptune Construction Inc. takes 3 to 5 business days for medium scope masonry work. We always estimate the timelines before starting work, and these estimations are based on the complexity.

How much does masonry work cost in NYC?

At Neptune Construction Inc., we always look at the space of masonry work and estimate the cost by checking site preparation requirements, additional work required like demolition, material’s quantity and quality.

Do you provide after-service masonry maintenance?

While Neptune’s masonry work can withstand adverse weather, we do offer regular inspections, Local law 11 services and masonry maintenance. However, some properties do not need heavy maintenance, and so a quick inspection is the best way to decide the post-installation requirements.

How does Neptune Construction choose specific materials for masonry work?

We consider 5 factors when using materials for specific masonry projects: firstly, the aesthetic requirements of the home, then weather and environmental conditions, client’s budget and timelines. Then we typically utilize block mixtures of concrete, brick and stone.  

Masonry Work Projects