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Special Rigger License

Special Rigger License

In New York City, a special rigger license is required for any project that necessitates hoisting materials and equipment weighing up to 2,000 pounds. Becoming a licensed special rigger is a difficult process, and it’s important that you hire a contractor who has the license and has no complaints filed against them.

If you’re working a project that requires a contractor with a special rigger license, the professionals at Neptune Construction Inc can assist you! We have acquired the license and we are professionally trained to handle any projects with which you need assistance. We have more than 15 years of experience working in and around New York City, and our professionals can guarantee your complete satisfaction with the services we provide.

Scaffolding Installations

Many different projects, including many masonry projects, require scaffolding for the work, and with the style of buildings in NYC, scaffolding is required for almost any kind of exterior construction.

Any time that scaffolding is being used by a contractor, the contractor must have the proper special rigger license. It’s very important that you make sure this license is obtained by your contractor before any work is agreed upon. The professionals at Neptune Construction Inc are guaranteed to have all licenses you need for any project that we take on.

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