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Window Lintels / Window Sills

Whether you own an office building, an apartment complex, or some other commercial property in the New York City area, you’re going to need to keep its roof in quality condition. And to do that, simply call Commercial Roofing Contractors New York based at Neptune Construction Inc for our unbeatable commercial roofing construction services.

Window Lintels and Window Sills in the New York AREA

If you’re planning on having a lintel installed, or any other work done on your window lintels, call the professionals at Neptune Construction Inc for experienced contractors who can handle the entire job without causing any problems.

Neptune Construction Inc can also help you remove, replace, or install new window sills. Your window sill can become worn and weak over time, especially if your windows aren’t properly protecting it from rain water and moisture.

If you need help with either of these parts of your home, you can depend on the professionals at Neptune Construction Inc.

What is a Window Lintel?

To put it simply, a window lentil is a load-bearing building component that sits above or below a window to help distribute the weight coming down on it from the rest of your home. Roman era architecture has very clearly apparent and distinctive examples of window lintels. If your lintel is our of repair or installed incorrectly, it can cause major problems for the structure of your home, so it’s very important that you always hire a professional you can trust for any work on your lintels.

In older buildings in New York, lentils are prominently featured aspects of construction, and they have a very important job to do. So when you need any repairs, call the most trusted and dependable contractors in the area.

Window Sill Repairs

Water can easily start to rot away at your window sills if they’re not properly protected, and if you have window sills in your New York that have started to rot, our professionals can help. We’ll make sure that your new window sills match the frame of your windows perfectly, and we’ll also take note of any damage that has occurred to your window frame in case that needs to be repaired as well. Our professionals will always opt for restoration over replacement, which can save you a significant amount of money.

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