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Roof Inspections

Your roofing is a critical part of the structure of your home, and keeping it in the best condition possible is a major priority for any New York homeowner. And even small problems with your roofing will quickly develop into much larger issues if they’re left untreated.

Catching any problems with your roofing as soon as possible after they’ve developed is incredibly important, but it isn’t always easy. Taking care of these problems quickly will save you money on larger repairs down the line, and they’ll help you make sure that your roofing has the longest possible lifespan. Even serious problems, however, can be easy to not notice, which is why the professionals roofers at Neptune Construction Inc recommend that you have your roof inspected and least once every three years.

Our Professional Roofing Contractors

All of our roofers are licensed, certified, and professionally trained. We’ll be able to quickly and accurately find and diagnose any problems with your roofing, then we’ll take care of them before further damage to your roofing or the rest of your New York home occurs.

During an inspection, our professionals will look for:

  • Slouching
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged shingles
  • Moisture damage


These and other problems can be detrimental to the health of your roofing, but they’ll often go unnoticed by homeowners until they’ve developed into much more serious problems, like a leak in your living room. If we find any part of your roofing that needs to be repaired, we’ll discuss exactly what the repairs entail with you in plain English before we begin any of the work, and we’ll let you decide on the best way to move forward. With our Bronx roof inspections, we’ll never suggest any unnecessary work, and we’ll never use scare tactics to make a sale.

Storm Damage Roofing Inspections

Storms of any kind can cause a significant amount of damage to your roofing. Your roofing protects the rest of your New York home from storm damage, but as your first line of defense, it’s also the first thing to get damaged. Once it’s been damaged in a storm, the problems can quickly escalate, and any roofing problems you have leave the rest of your home more vulnerable to storm damage.

If you believe your roofing may have been damaged during a storm, call our professional Bronx roofing contractors as soon as possible for an inspection. We can find any problem areas and let you know whether there are any necessary repairs.

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