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Local Law 11 Inspection Services in NYC

Neptune Constructions Inc. is a certified and licensed Local Law 11 contractor in the New York with 25 years of proven track record in construction inspection, waterproofing, roofing, masonry, and stucco solutions. We are primarily construction contractor company that helps home and office building owners with their interior and exterior repair and restoration activities. 

What does Neptune Constructions NY Inc. cover in Local Law 11 Services?

If you live in NYC, you must have already heard about residential and commercial properties going through Local Law 11 inspections. In more technical terms, Local Law 11, also called Facade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP), is a rule in New York City that mandates regular inspections and maintenance of building facades for structures taller than six stories.

Façade Inspection in NYC

We have a comprehensive suite of Local Law 11 services that include:

1. Facade Inspections

We provide comprehensive visual and close-up inspections of building facades to identify any potential safety hazards and compliance issues.

2. Safety Reports

We create detailed documentation of inspection findings, categorizing the facade condition and outlining necessary repairs and maintenance.

3. Repair and Maintenance

With inspection and recommendation report, we also execute necessary repairs to address identified issues and strengthen the value and foundations of buildings.

4. Compliance Consulting

We also provide advanced expert guidance to building owners about how they can prepare for Local Law 11 requirements, months before their 5-year period is over.

5. Ongoing Monitoring

We help clients monitor and maintain their building foundations, roofs, basements, kitchen, bathrooms and masonries for continued compliance to Local Law 11.

6. Emergency Stabilization

We also provide immediate actions to control and secure unsafe facade conditions. This helps with public safety and prevents notices related to negligence in compliance of Local Law 11.

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Benefits of Neptune Constructions’s Local Law 11 Services in NYC


Here are 5 common reasons why you should get a Local Law 11 inspection for your home and/or business building:

  • The inspection strengthens pedestrian safety by preventing façade failures.
  • Timely repairs help you comply with NYC’s local housing regulations so you can avoid penalties and fines.
  • Local Law 11 reports increase property value because of the building’s exterior and structural security.
  • Early detection of roofing, waterproofing, masonry and stucco issues helps reduce long-term repair costs.

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Exterior Restoration Contractor NYC

Why work with Neptune Constructions Inc. for Façade Inspection in NYC

Clients who trusted us with their inspection and exterior repair services mention that we provide the best Local Law 11 services in NYC. That’s because:

1. We have extensive experience as an exterior restoration contractor and know NYC building codes and regulations.

2. We licensed, insured, bonded and certified to perform Facade inspection in NYC.

3. We have a strong social proof, track record and case studies in home and office building projects.

4. We always exceed expectations by delivering high-quality services from inspection to maintenance.

5. We are always on-time and reliable – and clients find us credible because of our commitments to schedules and deadlines.

6. Lastly, we communicate total exterior restoration costs beforehand – no hidden fees, no extra charges.


Is my building required to comply with Local Law 11?

Local Law 11 applies to all buildings in New York City that are taller than six stories. If it sounds like your building, you must book regular facade inspections to ensure your building’s exteriors are safe and in good condition.

Will I face penalties for non-compliance with Local Law 11?

According to the experts at Neptune Constructions Inc., non-compliance with Local Law 11 means you may have to bear significant fines, penalties, and legal liabilities. If you are a building owner, we recommend conducting the required inspections or make necessary repairs to avoid facing violations issued by the NYC Department of Buildings.

How long does the Local Law 11 inspection process take?

Local Law 11 inspections at Neptune Construction Inc. can take between 2 days to 17 days and we estimate this duration beforehand when we go find the size of the building. Our teams take due time for inspections, then need one day for preparation and filing of a detailed report.

What should I do if my building is classified as “Unsafe” under Local Law 11?

If your building is classified as Unsafe, we recommend you take immediate action to secure the area to protect public safety and work with a qualified contractor to make the necessary repairs promptly. You’ll also need a follow-up inspection to confirm the repairs and update the building’s status.