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Welcome to Neptune Constructions NYC Inc

Your Premier Waterproofing & Roofing Contractor in New York City

As roofing, waterproofing, and masonry experts in NYC, we provide full-scale coverage from from new construction management to inspection and code compliance updates to repair for residential and commercial properties.

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Specializes in Waterproofing, Roofing, Masonry Services.

Neptune Construction

Offering Quality Waterproofing, Roofing, and Masonry Construction Services Since 1997.

When you work with Neptune Construction Inc., you are choosing more than a waterproofing service. We are your partners in everything-construction-related, so:

  • Your properties get strong and secure
  • You feel confident about the integrity of your buildings.

Our services go beyond typical roofing and repair. For 25 years, we have been making endless efforts to safeguard your residential and commercial properties – with expertise, professionalism and dedication.

Neptune Construction New York are Facade Restoration Specialists.

Local Law 11

Do You Need Assistance Complying with Local Law 11 (Facade Inspection Safety Program)? Neptune Contractors is here to help!

Our team of professionals specializes in the intricate complexities of Local Law 11 compliance from initial inspections through repairs and maintenance. We also make sure your property meets safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Reliable Local Law 11 Inspection, Roofing and Waterproofing Services

  1. Make your residential and commercial properties more resilient with these repairs so they can stand rough weather conditions.

  2. Save costs with roofing and waterproofing by preventing water damages, structural repairs and legal penalties.

  3. Ensure your properties are strong, secure and protected to appreciate the property’s value over time.


Award-Winning WaterProofing & Roofing Contractor in New York City

We’re a valued general contractor located in New York City with an established history of providing exceptional construction services. We are expert in roofing, waterproofing, masonry & exterior restoration projects for over 25 years.

To acknowledge our services in the property repair and roofing sector, we have been recognized by several local directories and independent review platforms as a trusted name.

At Neptune Contractors, we offer an array of construction services tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Leading Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor in NYC

Ready to embark on your construction journey with Neptune Contractors? Get in touch with us now for a complimentary consultation or additional information about our services. We look forward to the chance of working together and realizing it together.

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Construction Services

Professional Code Compliance Contractors

Don’t compromise when it comes to safety and compliance – our dedicated experts and professional code compliance contractors ensure every aspect of your project adheres to local and national codes, reducing delays and potential hazards for delays and projects alike.

What is a Special Rigger License?

For the safety of your property and construction professionals, special licenses are required for specific construction skills and equipment. A Special Rigger License means a professional has had the required training and on the job experience necessary to safely hoist or lower equipment on the outside of a building in New York City.

Our Partners

We are licensed to deal with top-quality materials.

Why Choose Us?

✔️ Experience – Our more than 25 years of industry experience.

✔️ Quality – Our skilled professionals ensure superior craftsmanship.

✔️ Customer Satisfaction: offering tailored solutions with open dialogue throughout every project cycle.

✔️ Compliance and Safety: Our team is well-versed in local regulations and safety standards.


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Experience Excellence in Construction with Neptune Contractors – Your Trusted Partner in Construction!

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